STORY TIME : Your Choice (Episode 8)

STORY TIME : Your Choice (Episode 8)

Episode 8
Helen made up her mind after considering so many things. I can’t afford to let this opportunity go, many of my colleagues would not even think twice before saying Yes to Ben, he loves me, I know, it’s obvious. Wow, his promises to me are great and superb; he is the best for me she thought.
Moreover who knows what Afolabi is doing, he might even me cheating on me. Part of her was countering her, she could hear the other half say “you don’t love Benjamin, why then do you want to date him”. I would learn to love him with time, it’s possible, I can’t suffer, I don’t want to live with regrets knowing I had the opportunity to have all the good things of life and I threw it away because of love” she countered.
Her mind was made up. She was going to accept his proposal. After about two days Benjamin invited her for dinner, he was optimistic. “Helen, have you thought about my proposal” Benjamin asked as they dine.
Benjamin was looking at her expectantly ” Yes I have” she replied, Benjamin asked curiously, searching for a clue from her countenance “so what’s your response”, ” she tossed a smile at him and said “Yes I would be your fiancĂ©”. Benjamin was so elated, he had been optimistic and now his expectation has come through, “thanks, I love you so much, I promise am not going to disappoint you” he said with firmness.
They dined, chatted, and then he dropped her at home. He came out, opened the door for her. “I would have loved to say Hi to your parent, but I think it quite late.” He said, “Don’t worry I would extends your greetings to them” Helen replied. “Thanks, good night”, Benjamin kissed her and headed home.
Their relationship went on; Helen was actually telling Benjamin he wants to know his family, his house, because she was afraid of being jilted. Benjamin invited her to his house, it was very big, Benjamin, a sharp man had remove the picture of he and his wife from the wall, and had removed anything that would make Helen suspicious, Helen was stunned, the house was tastefully furnished, she entered the kitchen, she knew the arrangement bore a woman marking, but she thought he had called a female friend to do the arrangement. So she was pleased with what she saw.
Sincerely, Benjamin wanted to marry her, but he didn’t have a rigid plan because of his wife. He just knew that when the bridge comes he would cross it. He was hoping against hope that all his expectation would come through.
Afolabi had started noticing some changes in Helen. Most times when he called she wouldn’t pick up, and she didn’t return his calls, on rare occasions when she picks up she would tell him she was tired that she wanted to rest. So many bizarre things were happening, he was worried, he had reservations, and he had made up his mind to pay her a visit the following week, to ascertain what was actually happening to their relationship.
So he went to Lagos. He got to her hostel and she welcomed him perfunctory, he wasn’t happy with the reception he received. He knew something was wrong, but he couldn’t tell what was actually wrong. He couldn’t keep it to himself, he called her and expressed his reservations and voiced his observation of her attitude.
She became furious for no reason and flipped, “how can you say that I have found another person, how dare you insinuate that I am unfaithful, I am fed up of this relationship, I am tired “, Afolabi tried to calm her down but she wouldn’t ” I think we should end this relationship, when there is no trust, how can love grow, I see you don’t trust me, let’s end it, in fact I am not interested again” she said it furiously without looking at him.
Immediately Afolabi went down on his knees pleading for her to reconsider her decision. Tears welled up in his eyes, he couldn’t believe what he had just heard “let’s end it” oh no she couldn’t end this relationship this way, oh no she couldn’t. He had invested so much in time, effort love and resources for everything to just end the way she wanted it. His mind was made up from the very first day they met to marry her.
Helen wouldn’t even look at his face much less consider what he was saying. Her mind was made up, she had made her choice. She couldn’t offer a genuine reason for their separation.
It wasn’t actually about his investment in love, sweat, time, effort and resource that actually hurt him, it was facing the reality of their separation, a permanent separation, the dream of her marrying him becoming a pipe dream, he couldn’t handle it, he could stand it, tears started to flow out of his eyes, he couldn’t just help it. Helen walked out of the room and left him on his knees.
He came to Lagos a worried mad but left for Abuja a sad man. What happened was just like a dream, he couldn’t believe it, he wished it was a dream; he would just pray for it not to happen.
But it wasn’t a dream, how sad. What was my offense, what did I do wrong, what was my crime, he was perplexed, surprised and heartbroken. The pain was written all over him, it was very obvious, his friends knew something was wrong, he hardly eat, talk or participate in any discussion, he still couldn’t believe.
His friends had asked him what was wrong, he had explained what happened, they were sorry for him, but apparently they couldn’t help him, they only gave him hope ” they are many fishes in the river” they had told him to console him.
But apparently that couldn’t console him, he had been faithful to her, so many girls that admired him had come his way, he never for once thought of dating any of them. Helen had been the only one on his mind
She was very sad that day she broke up with Afolabi, tears welled up in her eyes, but she felt she had made the right choice. She felt sorry for Afolabi, but she couldn’t blame herself, she had to make a choice.
Benjamin on the other hand was so excited, he was popping drinks for his friends, he had break the good news to them, at last, Helen said Yes to his proposal, wow.
As they celebrated, they chatted, his friends reminded him of the problem that was looming, Benjamin mind had been so filled with euphoria that he didn’t even consider what the future held for him and Helen. He had a sleepless night, tossing and turning on the bed, thinking of the imminent problem.
He was filled with regret, if he had known better he would not have married for money, he would have been patient and work himself to the top through diligence.
He had not spent up to 500 hundred thousand on Helen and her family already gave him a huge respect, unlike Chidinma who thinks 5million is nothing, what he is going to do now, his friends advised he filed for a Divorce, but that was unthinkable, her father influence is enough to finish him.
How he is going to get out of this quagmire, he kept on thinking.” O lord have mercy upon, I know I had make a huge mistake, bring me out of this mess” he muttered under his breath.

Suspense… [Wait For The Next Episode]
Disclaimer: This is a work of friction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictions manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, actual events is purely coincidental.
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