‘We could have done more for Chibok girls, we’ve failed them’ – Tunde Bakare

‘We could have done more for Chibok girls, we’ve failed them’ – Tunde Bakare

The General Overseer, Latter Rain Assembly,
Lagos, Pastor Tunde Bakare, on Sunday,
asserted that the nation had not given the
abduction of over 200 Chibok girls, the
necessary thoughtfulness and seriousness it
Pastor Bakare also criticised politicians and
political parties for scoring cheap political
points with the abduction of the schoolgirls.
Speaking during the thanksgiving service in
commemoration of the second anniversary
of the Chibok girls’ abduction at the Unity
Fountain, Abuja, he stressed that the girls
would have been rescued if they were
children of political and religious elites.

“What do you think I would have done extra
if my girl was involved? Have I done those
things? What could have happened, if these
were daughters of Emirs or the Prelate or
Primate of the Anglican Church or
Methodist Church? If any of them happen
to be son of Pastor Adeboye not to mention
sons or daughters of governors or
president, what do you think would have
happened on that issue?

“Am just asking a question, what do you
think would have happened? We would
have done more than we have done, the
whole nation has failed these children and
we must repent and that is why we must
honour those of you (BBOG) who have
made it to be on the front burner.”

“It is most severely injurious to see that the
fate of our daughters has been frequently
politicised. Rather than rise to the occasion
as stakeholders and custodians of the
security and welfare of the citizens of this
nation, political parties and politicians have
paid lip service, using our pain and the
plight of our daughters to score cheap
political points.”

“We are not convinced that the matter of
our daughters has been given the needed
thoughtfulness. We do not believe that
those who are in a position to act have
taken sufficient action towards addressing
this issue or even towards calming our
anxiety as waiting parents.”

“We have heard varied suggestions as to the
fate of our girls. We have heard that some
have been married off, that some have
been sold as slaves, and that some are
being held captive as human shields.”
“We have heard that some have been
radicalised, and there have been
suggestions that they are now being
groomed and deployed as suicide bombers.
What we expect the government to do is to
systematically analyse the possibilities with
a view to eliminating impossibilities.”

“If they have been sold as slaves, to whom
have they been sold? What are the locations
of these slave buyers or dealers? Are they in
the territories in which our girls had been
held captive in the past? What attempts
have been made to investigate or eliminate
this possibility? Have they been sold beyond
the Nigerian borders? What routes are there
through which they could possibly have
been taken?”

This, he added, should not stop the
government from creating a confidential
information channel that would keep
anxious parents abreast of the basic facts
and show that, at least, the country cared
for their daughters.

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