Law Enforcement Lagos CP summons corrupt police officer

Law Enforcement Lagos CP summons corrupt police officer

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police,
Fatai Owoseni, has summoned a police
officer known as Inspector Festus
Omotosho after a robbery suspect named
Akeem Popoola, claimed he is working for

According to Owoseni, the policeman
concerned will be dealt with accordingly if
the accusation turns out to be true.
Punch reported Akeems's claim that
Omotosho gave him phones to sell to
unsuspecting members of the public.
After this, Omotosho in company of two
other officers identified as Abbey and
Aluko, would put him in handcuffs and
lead him to buyers of the phones.

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Robbery Suspect »
He claims that the officers would instantly
demand a bribe between N120,000 and
N150,000 from the victims if they do not
want to be arrested for buying a stolen

Akeem said, “In November 2015, one of my
father’s tenants and I fought. When my
daddy came back home on that day, she
reported me to him and he handed me over
to Inspector Festus at the state police
command headquarters, Ikeja."

"He told him I was too troublesome and
wanted him to discipline me. But he (Ijaya)
did not. He took me to a beer parlour at
Alakuko and gave me N5,000. I was very

“Two days after, we met at another beer
parlour around Agbado, where I was made
to swear an oath. He brought out a gun and
put some gin inside the barrel.

"He drank from it and gave me the gun to
do same. He said he would be sending me
on some errands. He gave me a mobile
phone and drove me in his Toyota Camry to
POWA complex in Ikeja."

“He told me to sell the phone inside the
complex which I did for N20,000. After an
hour, he handcuffed me and took me in his
car with his boys – Abbey and Aluko – to the
man that bought the phone.

"He arrested the man and told him to pay
N200,000 if he did not want to be taken to
the station. The man raised N150,000
among his friends in that complex and gave

“When we left there, he removed the
handcuffs and gave me N5,000 and we
The robbery suspect's father, Ahmed
Popoola confirmed that he had taken
Akeem to Inspector Festus in the hope that
he can reform him.
He acknowledged that his son is a thief,
which is why he took him to meet the

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