How to promote your brands using them

How to promote your brands using them

The channels include- Facebook, BBM,
Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber, Wechat, Snapchat,
Tumblr, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube etc.
The reasons you should have social media
accounts include:

1. Getting to see your target market, up-
close and personal.
2. Responding to complaints and problems
3. It will help to increase sales
4. You get to meet customers that you
didn’t know existed
5. It will help to increase your online
exposure and your professional outlook.
When you want to promote your brand on
any social media platform, the first thing
that should come to mind is the image
clarity of your products.

Through photos, you get engagements
especially on Instagram and Facebook.
The second thing that should come to mind
should be promotable headlines/title.
Create new better titles that are specifically
for sharing your content in social media.
Customize your platform; the more
optimized your post is for a particular
platform, the more effective your social
media promotion will be. On Instagram,
you can create hashtags in order to make
your content more discoverable.
Share at the right time, for maximum
engagement, the content you are sharing
needs to reach as many people as possible
so you have to go where the crowd is and at
the right time.
Post as many times as possible as it helps
your audience see your content anytime.
Ask questions, be open to your audience
more often.

In conclusion, if your company does not
have a Facebook or Twitter account, it’s
time to get with the program and bring
yourself up to speed else risk falling behind
your competition. Contact us at RDM »

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