5 Main Uses Of Bluetooth

5 Main Uses Of Bluetooth

Bluetooth is an awesome wireless technology that allows you exchange files within short distances. It has evolved over the years to become a reliable tool for data communication among devices. There are countless and interesting uses of Bluetooth which GLtrends will highlight. It is noteworthy to add that you should always switch off your Bluetooth after use to save battery.


The dangers inherent in driving and answering calls has led to fatal accidents. This, in turn, has resulted in the introduction of hands-free devices as a result, you can now simultaneously drive and receive calls using a Bluetooth headset. It is simply impressive.

Listen to music
There are Bluetooth headphones that can cancel surrounding noise, thus offering quality sounds. It is possible for you to play music off your phone.
Many car stereos have buttons on the car steering which allows you to navigate between songs.

Link Keyboard and Mouse to your phone
Beyond audio and hands-free communication, you can link your phone via Bluetooth with a keyboard or mouse. Rather than use your touch screen to type, connect your Bluetooth enabled Keyboard and Mouse to your phone for the purpose. It more like converting your phone to a desktop computer.

File Transfers
This is a well-known use of Bluetooth. If you want to transfer files from one gadget to another, just switch on your Bluetooth and within minutes, your files are exchanged. It is quick and safe.
Internet Tethering
Using your phone as a modem should not be accessed via hotspot anymore as it is now possible to browse via Bluetooth. This is referred to as internet tethering. To activate this, switch on the Bluetooth of both devices, connect your Universal Serial Board cable at both ends. After that, wait for a few minutes for it to connect and you can start surfing the web after the connection.

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