Where Are This Nigeria’s Female Rappers?

Where Are This Nigeria’s Female Rappers?

I'm writing this article not as a writer or journalist, but as a fan
who is sad and disappointed at the current state of female rappers in
our music industry.

Gone are the days where the likes of Sasha, Kel, BOUQUI, Muna and
Blaise held sway at the top of the female rap food chain. The last I
heard, Sasha now concentrates on her budding shoe design
business-Eclectic by Sasha and as for Blaise who hands down was the
best lyricist among the lot, no one seems to know what she is up to.

Kel was more of a flash in the pan rapper. After the mega success of
her single Wa Wa Alright everything seemed to go downhill. Her fight
with her Clarence Peters led record label didn't help too. She now
works with Cool TV.

Muna never convinced me that she had what it takes to survive in this
industry. Maybe it was her modelling background or the kind of music
she put out, she just never did it for me. And judging from the
trajectory of her short lived music career, this was the general
consensus amongst majority of Nigerian music lovers.

BOUQUI showed early signs of genius. Even though she focused mainly on
Gospel music, she still released songs that everyone could vibe to. In
recent times however, her output has dwindled. Some say her move back
to the U.S.A may be responsible. She deserves some plaudits though
because via her Unstoppable Rap Competition, she may have found in
(Great man, winner of the competition) the next star of Gospel rap.
Our current crop of 'Femcees' are just there. If I was to pick one
that stood out, Eva Alordiah comes to mind.

Eva's rise to the top had the makings of a fairytale. Yes, she put in
the required work, but some still feelt he position she enjoys now
boils largely down to luck. I say its her understanding of how the
entertainment industry works that is responsible. You see, Eva
understands that the 21st century Nigerian entertainer cannot be 'one
sided' if he or she wants to be truly successful. We now have people
who we thought were just singers producing hit tracks, Singers
transforming into businessmen/women,singers transforming into good
actors and video directors etc. In Eva's case, the music is still a
big part ofher but she is also a successful makeup artist, model and
writer. If you cannot recall any hit song of hers,then you must have
seen her makeup works, or read an article of hers. These different
parts of her help keep in her in the public eye.

Another Femcee that is attempting to carve a niche for herself is Mz
Kiss. The Capital Hill signed artisthas jumped on the indigenous
rapper train and only time would tell how far she goes. Splash is
another female indigenous rapper that has some buzz around her.
Despite her new deal with Mbong Amata'sBong House record label, I'm
still waiting for her to outdo 2013 hit Church Agbasa.

Many are of the opinion that the Nigerian music industry does not
favour female rappers. This is simplynot true. The problem remains
that most of the Femcees have refused to adapt to the realities on
ground. Hardcore rap or punch line heavy songs do not get played on
radio or anywhere else as much asthe pop infused rap tracks. The likes
of M.I, Olamide, Phyno, Vector and even Illbliss have realised thisand
tweaked their songs to fit the status quo. That is why they can
compete and perform on any stage
like their colleagues who are more grounded in the pop genre. The same
thing can be said of NickiMinaj.

So for anyone hoping to make it as a female rapper in this part of the
world, it'll do you good to know what you want and how far you are
willing to go in order to get it music wise. Forget the
trappings,forget the drama, and forget the lies. Hardwork, ingenuity
and resilience are the only guarantee for success.

This article was written by 'Anexzee Da Wapboss. 'Bisola is a
journalist and PR consultant. He can be reachedvia his email

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