Guide For You to link your BVN to a GTBank Account Online or via Atm

Guide For You to link your BVN to a GTBank Account Online or via Atm

Although CBN had initially declared a deadline for Bank Verification
Number (BVN) registration as October 31st, that has been extended.
While the date has been extended, accounts that hasn't been registered
or linked with a BVN number has been limited till registration or
linking is complete.

Earlier before now, I shared a tutorial on how to verify your BVN
number using your mobile phone. If you have already registered for a
BVN number in any other bank and would like to link it up to your
Guaranty trust bank (GTB) account, you don't necessarily have to go to
the bank. You can simply link it up online or link it using your ATM

Linking BVN to GTB account Online
There are two ways in which you can achieve this. You can either
choose to use the GTB BVN linker or use the BVN linker when logged
into your internet banking platform. The first doesn't necessarily
require you being a GTB internet banking user while the second does.

==> If you do not have an active internet banking service with GTB and
would link to link your BVN number with your GTB account, please
follow this linkand follow the instructions.

==> If you have an active GTB account, please sign in to your internet
banking platform. You should use the desktop version.

==> When logged in, under theMy Accountmenu, click onBVN Linker.

==> When the page opens, enter your Bank Verification Number (BVN),
the bank name where you registered and received the BVN from and then
your security number.

==> Click onContinueand you are good to go.
If doing this stuffs online isn't your thing, you can opt in to using
your GTB ATM card.

Linking BVN to GTB using ATM card
*.Insert your GT Bank atm card
*.Select BVN link on the transaction menu screen
*.Enter your 11 digit BVN
*.Confirm your BVN details
*.Submit your BVN
It's as simple as that. If you wouldn't want to get entangled with the
queue regularly experienced in the banks, this could be the best bet.

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