Serena Williams Is Pregnant For Drake (Finally)

Serena Williams Is Pregnant For Drake (Finally)

According to an MTO blockbuster Serena Williams is pregnant with Drake's baby.. has some fantastic new . . . Serena Williams is going
to be a mom and Drake is going to be a father. This is not rumor y'all
. . . it's fact. MTO spoke with a snitch close to Serena who told us
that Serena was actually pregnant during the US Open. The child, we're
told, is Drake's . . . but the couple is not together.

The snitch said, "Serena and Drake have a lot of love for each other.
They're great friends. And they're going to be great parents."
The swear this is fact. Same way Beyonce and Rihanna have been
pregnant for years now…

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